STRIKE THE GROUND AGAIN 2 Kings Ch. 13 v 18  Lois will be in Turkey as part of a 700 strong Groundwork Prayer team praying for the Muslim.World . Please pray for her and her work with GROUNDWORK 2017 .  Groundwork 2017 will be a 4-day community gathering to encounter God and to cry out to him on behalf of the MW from inside the MW. We are truly excited and stirred in our heart about what God wants to accomplish during this time as we come together to worship and call on him. This will be the 10th Groundwork assembly. Over the past year, leaders from within the SPEG (Strategic Prayer Equipping Group) have been leading smaller country-level or regional prayer gatherings across the MW. Groundwork 2017 will be a time of coming back together again to celebrate all God is doing, and to ask for more! The main focus of Groundwork is worship and intercession on behalf of M’s. The goals of Groundwork are: 1. To engage in night and day worship and prayer as a community inside the MW 2. To train field-based workers how to pray more effectively (mostly by praying!) 3. To connect kindred spirits together in ongoing, fruitful friendships that result in further prayer inside the MW

700 people from many nations in prayer for the Muslim nation

God has called us into this spiritual battle. He has called us to obedience and to fight. The hundreds of people that will attend are like the soldiers in this passage that go out to fight. Those that are leading this prayer time are like Moses. And you, dear friends, are like Aaron and Hur. Your prayers during these next 12 days strengthen both the leadership and the soldiers so that as we all fight, we see the victory! We all know that God can defeat the enemy without us but it is his desire that we take up our positions and witness his victory. We will go forward with the staff of the Lord; he will lead us to his victory! Prayer Points  Pray for God to really give you his vision in your role on this prayer team.  Pray for God to give the leadership supernatural strength and insight to lead God’s people into battle.  Pray that the leadership would be equipped with “the staff of God” (the staff represents the power of God to bring change).  Pray for us as soldiers to follow and fight well and to stand our ground.  Pray that we all would intercede according to his will. Moses’ intercession was to lift up the staff during the battle. Pray that we would follow God’s leading in intercession.  Pray for the victory – that God will utterly destroy the darkness.  Proclaim over the MW “The Lord is my banner”!

Day 2 Pray

Being rooted and grounded in God’s love is his greatest desire for us. We are beloved children; he just wants us to be with him and be loved by him and love him! When we truly know his love – we are filled with all the fullness of God. From this place we can ask our loving father to do great things. From this place we can experience his abundance. From this place we can understand the power that is at work within us. Prayer Points  Pray that all of us on the prayer team (you included!) would be strengthened with power through his spirit in our inner being (our identity, the core of who we are) and be filled with a deep, high, long, wide sense of his love.  Pray that we would be rooted and grounded in his love, so that nothing could distract or discourage us from what God has for us.  Pray that we would enter into intercession from a place of being loved and loving him.  Pray for an increase in the filling of the fullness of God.  Pray that out of this love we would pray boldly! He is able to do abundantly more than we ask or think.  Pray for the children attending that they would know his love and that he would raise up this generation to do mighty things for His kingdom. Pray that they would be a g