Meet Our Staff

Oasis Christian Fellowship is happy to house a Kingdom-minded team operating in the five-fold ministry.

Our leadership is here to help you and raise you up to the next level of faith based on a servant-hearted approach, lifting others up to their God-given destinies and callings.

Founding Members – Eldership

Michael Findlay

Founder, Apostle and Prophet

Michael is an active apostolic prophet with a heart to see God’s promises come true in the South of Portugal, and worldwide.
His ministry brings a catalytic fire of transformation that will activate people to step into a higher dimension and level of their journey.

Along with this fire, he also carries an immense heart of love for people, and desires to see the body of Christ edified into maturity – love.

Click below to hear Michael’s ordination by Bill Hamon and Dr. Sharon Stone from Christian International Prophetic Ministry.

Matt Hermann

Prophet and Seer

Matt’s ministry expresses a powerful seer and prophetic anointing that reveals the deep things of the heart of God. He is a trusty spokesperson to the body, and his words bring edification, depth and revelation that help the ship of faith to be thrusted forward.

New Generation

John Grant Harvey

Apostolic Leader, Pastor, Teacher and Facilitator

Stefan Jankovic

Power Evangelist and Teacher

Joao Amaral

Evangelist, Prophetic Teacher & Community Builder

Digging and revealing the hidden pearls of the Judeo-Christian revelation, Joao is a dedicated student of the scriptures and the writings that the Jewish and Christian saints have left us.
He reveal these pearls of ancient wisdom to the world through love and power-infused understanding.

His heart is to bring the living reality of Christ’s gospel to people in a transformative way.