Located in the Heart of Lagos, the Gateway to Europe.

We are a “New Wineskins” church under construction, preparing for an outpour of the New Wine.

What is this new Oasis springing up in the desert?

It’s a whole new day, with a fresh and higher way of seeing the eternal truths of the ancient paths.

New Vision

Are you tired of powerless systems without healing, power and transformative potential?

Oasis welcomes you into a fresh vision for Christian gatherings, where you can encounter God’s Presence in a free, powerful and unhindered way. Our atmosphere encourages you to dive deeply, while receiving real healing, transformation and answers.

New Wineskins

If you have noticed empty repetitive traditions in Christian atmospheres, fear not!

At Oasis, we are on the forefront of a connected, fresh and conscious way of doing church.
More than going through the motions, we are a living, breathing community that houses the Living Presence.
This is a New Wineskin for the New Wine.

New Nation

Here we transcend cultural limitations and racial barriers that separate and divide.

Experience a new identity as a whole new nation: no longer Jew, Greek, or any other human label, but one new man in Christ.
Come and live a multi-faceted, diverse and unified collective connection to Christ.

Prophetic Call

Have you found yourself dry and stuck?

Oasis is a place of refreshing where you can find healthy and profound individuals that will prophetically guide and instruct you into a new dimension of your life.
You will hear not only from people, but also directly from the Spirit of God.


Rather than an old style church focused on its own matrix, Oasis is a prototype of the future: a Kingdom centre of transformation.

When we say Kingdom, we transcend the local, individual labels, and connect to a living ecosystem flowing from the heart of God.
Come and see for yourself!

Jesus Christ

Are you confused with the endless spiritual offerings and modalities?

Maybe you are tired of so much misinformation, and genuinely seek the powerful simplicity of Christ.

Come and have a living drink of Christ Jesus, the Water of Life.
For all who are hungry, disillusioned and weary on their spiritual path, Oasis is your place of refreshment.